Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

Playing catch-up on the blog with our activities over the weekend.On Saturday, we took a drive up to Fort Collins. Colorado State University is there...pretty campus. It was gorgeous weather so everyone was out and about....traffic was fierce. Route 287 goes from Loveland up to Fort Collins and along the route are all of the usual shopping type of venues. We went to a Whole Foods store and bought some yummy veggie dishes and had a nice lunch. Drove up almost to the Wyoming border and then back down I-25 to get home.

On Sunday we went to Estes Park, nestled in the mountains. What a cute town. We parked at the visitor center and walked along their Riverwalk. Boomer had a good time when he took a little dip in the stream, which must have been freezing considering the water came down from the mountains. Still plenty of snow in the mountains.
When we finished walking and checking out the downtown area, I went in the Safeway store and rounded up lunch. Since it was Mother's Day and our seven year anniversary, a picnic seemed to be a good idea on such a beautiful day.
It was great..A veggie sandwich on whole grain bread, Mediterranean veggie salad and deviled egg potato salad. We backed the truck into a spot with a view of the snow covered mountains, spread a sleeping bag out on the back of Bertha and basked in the 85 degree sunshine, eating our lunch.
After lunch we drove out to Devil's Gulch and up to the start of Rocky Mountain National Park. There was only about 30 miles of roads open. The rest of it still has too much snow on it. As we drove on a road parallel to the main road through town, we noticed tons of elk and deer all over the place.
Here there were eight elk laying under a tree in someone's backyard. What a surprise it would be to come out with an armload of clothes to hang on the clothesline and find these guys and gals laying there. Right in town ! The warm weather must have really brought them out cause there were alot of them around. No big horn sheep though. Was hoping to see some of them up on the rocks but no such luck. That was pretty much our weekend.

Back to work on Monday. Yesterday, I had a mobile wash and wax guy do our rig. Wow, does it look nice.
What a shine...snapped some pictures before the rain came. Rained all night, off and on, and is rainy today too. A cold it's supposed to stay in the 40's. Up in Estes Park area, they are expected to get 4-8" of snow today. Glad we saw it last weekend if it's getting dumped on today. Ewwww...
Finishing up the job here in Johnstown. Will leave here on Tuesday and drive to Brighton...just outside of Denver and start our next assignment.

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