Sunday, May 1, 2011


We left Oklahoma City Saturday morning and started out for Johnstown, CO. Gorgeous weather on Saturday. Beautiful blue skies and warm temps. Spent the night in Salina, KS area. Today we started out about 10 and we've stopped for the night in Limon, CO. Today was sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy...and by the time we arrived here (4:00 mountain time), it was downright cold. 44 degrees and calling for 21 overnight. Yuck! Denver is supposed to get snow showers tonight. We are going to try and get into a truck center tomorrow to get our rig and truck aligned. Want to make sure that everything is A-OK with the Mor-Ryde looked a little odd when we stopped at a rest area. We had them aligned about two years ago in Florida and that's when the Mor-Ryde was really messed up and we had to wait a couple days for parts to arrive. Hoping it's not the same thing but before it ruins $900 worth of tires, gonna get it checked.

Our oil filled radiator, that we use on chilly nights, crapped out on us....started leaking oil so we had to throw it out in OKC. We've ordered a little electric one which should arrive in Johnstown by Wednesday but sure wishing we had it now as I'm freezing. Got the furnace running and the heated mattress pad will sure be fired up tonight if it's gonna get down to 21.

We arrive at the new park on Tuesday. Will keep everyone posted on what we see and do.

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