Friday, October 1, 2010


Sorry for the lapse in posting. Linda and I have been so crazy busy at work since the other management couple left our community that we haven't had a spare minute. We've been very busy with new move-ins and trying to get their apartments ready so they can move in. This week alone we had four apartments being moved in to and it came down to the wire getting everything done. I was shampooing carpets on my time off to get the one ready and on top of all that we had the President of our company come to visit us on Thursday. When that happens we don't get a lot accomplished because we're talking with him, touring him, etc. and everything else comes to a standstill. I had a tour to give to a family member looking for their father so did not get much time to spend with him. The little bit we did talk was nice. He is a very down to earth guy. Grew up in Binghamton, NY which is pretty close to where I grew up. His grandfather was a physician in Sayre, PA which is where my kids spent their high school years. Linda did a great job of showing him around and telling him about our community.

It's really busy around the campground this weekend. Our rig has been moved to the end of the park, away from our normal spot. There is a Heartland RV gathering here so lots of that particular brand in the park. Next weekend is the Autumn Leaves festival and we've heard that 250,000 people will be in the area next weekend for that. Amazing ! I can't imagine where that many people will stay in the area or what the attraction will be to draw them here. Holy Cow...Mt Airy doesn't seem big enough to draw those kinds of crowds. We probably won't be out and about much next weekend. Last weekend it was Mayberry Days in town and there were lots of people around for that. This year's the 50th anniversary of the Andy Griffith show so that drew a lot of people to town. After next weekend things should quiet down and we'll go back to our regular camping spot.

Weather has taken a drastic turn since the official start of fall. Almost overnight we went from daily highs in the 90's to being in the 70's. We've also gotten a good amount of rain recently...which has been sorely needed. Overnight temps get pretty cool which has made for great sleeping weather. We're loving the cooler, fall-like weather !

Linda and I have been getting our check-ups and such, since it's been a few years since we've done so. I've also decided to go ahead with surgery to the downhill slide my body has decided to take as I've gotten older. Will get it done on October 13th and will be laid up for a while. Will be in the hospital overnight and then should be released to go home and begin the healing process. I'm not a very good patient so will need to find something to keep me busy without it involving lifting or overdoing. (Sounds like reading a book will be in order.)I'm anxious to get the problem fixed....not looking forward to being out of commission for a while. That puts alot on Linda the days that she and I work alone. We're trying to figure out how to get some overlap with some other employees schedules to help her out with pouring coffee at suppertime, etc. Once I get my strength back, I can help her with answering the phone and making my marketing calls. I really like my doctor....he's very thorough and I feel confident that he'll do a great job with the surgery.

Our weekend got off to a wonderful start, on Thursday night, when we got to have supper with our friends Wendy and in the park. They had been camping here this week and luckily we got to hang out with them Thursday night and Wendy fixed pizza for supper. This morning we took them to Sue's Restaurant in nearby Dobson for breakfast. Great food...with great friends ! This was the first time that we've had a chance to see their rig. They have a Newmar Dutch Star and it's gorgeous. We got the grand tour, inside and out. Today is the 1 year anniversary for them owning their rig ! So glad we got to see them while they are in the area. They are leaving soon, for a three week trip to China, but we're going to get together again with them in November when they get back. Looking forward to that !

Well, guess that catches you up on what's been happening with us. Hope you all are having fun with what you're doing !


Jim and Bobbie said...

With the other couple leaving, do you have another couple to help you out and give you some time off?

Movable Book Lady said...

Best of luck on the surgery. Learn to knit, maybe -- it'll keep you occupied and you'll have something useful at the end. Or build Lego cities. Hope all goes well for both of you.