Saturday, September 18, 2010

Change in Schedule

We're working a new schedule now. The floating managers, that are here helping us, wanting us to go on the manager's schedule so we gave them Wednesday off to do the turnaround for the new schedule. Our days off will now be Fridays and Saturdays. We finish work around 3:30 on Thursday and have to be back at work to open Sunday morning.

This weekend Linda went up to her grand-daughter's "dedication ceremony (like a baptism). She left Thursday right after she got off work. I stayed here and worked on shampooing carpets in our vacant apartments to try and get ahead on all the projects that need to be done around here. I accomplished quite a bit over the last two days so I feel good about what I can check of the daunting list we have. Linda got back about 7:30 tonight. Took her around 5 hours to drive to Virginia Beach from here.

On Thursday one of the maintenance guys, that works at another property like ours, came to help us with getting our vacant apartments refurbished. He left this morning but in those 2.5 days he got several apartments totally painted and most of the things done so they are ready to rent. He was a maniac ! Worked like a whirlwind...if we could only get everyone to work at that pace, we'd have all the vacants done in no time at all. Whew ! He expects to come back at the end of this week to help us again. Good we learned Thursday that our maintenance guy is going to have surgery on his ankle on the 30th and who knows how long he'll be out.

His bombshell comes on the heels of hearing from our activity director that she needs to go on medical leave, due to her pregnancy and won't return till after the baby is born (due date is in December). Oh great ! So...two key positions and they'll both be out on medical leaves. On top of getting rooms turned around, with all kinds of carpet replacement, painting, and odds and ends to be done...we have lots of personnel issues (like these) to take care of. Not sure I've ever worked in a place that is such a train wreck ! Linda is doing a great job coordinating all of the carpet installs, ordering of lighting, etc.

I think we will like this new schedule. We only have three overnight on-calls to handle..the rest fall on the co-mgrs schedule. Plus our long days are our first two days...get 'em out of the way right off the bat..then a couple partial days. Should be a piece of cake. Will let you know how it goes...

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Movable Book Lady said...

You're alive! I was getting worried, especially since I sent an email and it didn't go through -- kept getting bounced. Hope all this hassle gets better soon.