Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Linda got off today at 3:30 so we've been hanging out. I taught her how to play the new computer game I downloaded...Zuma's Revenge. When my kids were little they had tried to show me how to play video games but I couldn't ever figure out how to make Mario "swing" or "jump", etc. I was a video game idiot, to say the least. This game is just about shooting colored balls till you get a combination of 3 and then they smash and disappear. As you advance up through the levels, the playing field changes, faster speed, more rows of balls coming at you, etc. Fun but it's weird how playing these kinds of games makes you tense up really bad. Linda stopped playing after a little while and said "Whew"...and said it was very stressful. It is in a way....that must be the rush that kids feel or have felt for years playing these games. I can understand how addictive it could be though. You want to keep advancing to the next level to see what new challenge lies ahead. For me, recuperating from surgery...I can feel that tenseness in my stomach as I play the game so probably a good thing that I not do it for hours on end.

Today it was a crazy day for Linda here. Fire marshal was here to do inspection and our city health inspector was here (we got a 99). In this part of North Carolina, food operations have to post their inspection scores which I think is a great idea and should be the norm all over the country. All tests complete and good rating all the way around.

We took Boomer to the dog park....a place we haven't been to in a long while. He had a blast, romping with the other dogs there. He's sacked out on the floor in front of me....visions of that female german shepherd dancin' in his head...

Body is gaining a little bit every day. You really realize how much different "life" activities and movements affect your body when it's been cut and repaired and feels all the bumps and turns. It doesn't hurt to roll over in bed anymore. I can almost walk a normal stride without it pulling on my abdomen. It's the little things in life that make up a pain-free day. That and a bottle of Ibuprofen !!

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