Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Been Three Years...

Yesterday was the first day of class at Penn College, kicking off the fall semester. Three years ago the first day of the semester would be my last day before us hitting the road to go full-timing. I'm sure this year's first day of activities, at Penn College, where no less hectic than three years ago and if anything maybe more hectic. Three years ago I had started working with the architect on the first residential dining facility that Penn College has ever had. There are nine operations on campus but they are all stand alone operations and none are in a residential (dorm) facility. The groundwork was laid out three years ago and that facility will be opening this semester. We left Pennsylvania for a few months but I had promised the President that I'd return in November to do some additional consulting on the design phase of the project. We returned and stayed for a few weeks before hitting the road again...this time bound for Virginia.

The morning we pulled out it was pouring down rain and the rig was surrounded by water, at the campground, where we were staying. I had to wear my aqua sock shoes cause the water was up to my ankles as I hitched us up to leave. Being our first time working with the new hitch, this is when Bertha got her dimple on the bed of the truck. We left under soggy skies and have loved every minute on the road since then.

Perhaps in the near future, Linda and I will get back to Williamsport to visit and I can see the fruition of the project that was started three years ago.

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