Monday, August 16, 2010


Today was a pleasant day. Linda and I drove up the road to the Dobson area and had breakfast at a little place called Sue's Restaurant. We had a great breakfast of eggs, home-made biscuit, and hash browns for $7 total. Linda had bacon with her order but it was a super cheap, and filling meal. This place isn't much to look at but it's where all the locals go. The waitress was goofing around with one of the guys and told him she had something for him. She disappeared for a minute then came out with a bag of depends for men. Linda said that this guys face turned three shades of red and everyone was busting up so apparently there was some running joke between everyone about this.

While we were out we picked up a new battery for the rig. We discovered two weeks ago that one of ours was boiling over and making a mess of the battery compartment so figured it was time to replace the one that was leaking. This battery was original to the rig so it's lasted for almost 4 years.

Rest of the day was pretty uneventful. We made our call to the Dr. to find out why we flunked our blood work.Turns out both of our cholesterol counts are too high and the Dr. wants to put us on some meds for it (no thanks). Mine was even higher than Linda B's, which is really surprising cause mine has always been pretty low. This time it was 213 and Linda's was a little less than that. Yikes ! Well, goodbye Chunky Monkey ! It's been a great relationship while it lasted but it's over. My birthday is looming right around the corner and there's no time like the present to drop some weight, get my eating habits back on track and get some much needed exercise (yeah, gotta find time to squeeze it in when we're on call). I want to be alive for when we get back on the road to soak in all of the great things we're gonna see and experience. Waiting for a couple more tests to come back and Linda has some things to finish up.

Back to work tomorrow....

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