Sunday, August 29, 2010


We left Winston Salem, bound for the campground, around 7:45 this morning.Last night was a pretty sleepless one as we had two phone calls overnight, one at midnight and the other at four. The alarm was going off in the central fire alarm panel, in the front the person on the other end of the phone told me. When I checked it, it indicated there was a problem with a battery. After calling the 800 number provided to trouble shoot the problem, Len walked me through what to check for. Got it resolved, temporarily, at 5:00 a.m. so we headed back to bed.

Saturday had been a busy day at work. One our newest residents had her housewarming party and 40 people attended. She had a great time showing up her apartment and Linda and I were busy giving tours of our community. After supper, one of our favorite performers...Levon Myers..entertained the residents. One of the benefits that our residents get to take advantage of, when they move into a Holiday community, is the travel program. This entitles them to travel to almost any other Holiday community, in the US and Canada, and stay for up to a week free. The only community where it wouldn't be free is in Hawaii. Since it's a premium property, the residents would need to pay $75/night...still a great deal! Anyway...a resident from our sister property in Florida is staying with us, while he is visiting his family in the area. He came back to the property, from dinner, while Levon was playing. He marched right out onto the dance floor and started dancing....He had a blast ! Eight members of his family, who came back from dinner with him, stood there and cheered and then they joined in. It was so much fun and the female residents enjoyed taking a turn as his dancing partner.

The other couple told us on Thursday that they'll be leaving at the end of this week to go work at another Holiday community in Durham. While we're happy in one sense, there are still a number of things that we have not been shown how to do so we're hoping that some floating managers will be assigned to our community to help us out. The days and week will be really, really long if we don't have any help.

Some of the new residents have been having housewarming parties in our private dining room. Linda and I set the room up for one such party to take place today. Here are some pictures...

Tomorrow Linda has a medical test at the hospital. She's been prepping for that all day today...not much fun. She'll be glad when it's over. Then we'll come back to the campground to finish our days off. We got word this week, at work, that the Chief Operating Officer for Holiday, will be coming to visit the North Carolina properties this week. He'll be at our place Wednesday afternoon. I'm interested to see what sort of man he is and how much he interacts with the residents. Stay tuned....

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