Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hump Day...

It's our middle of the week day here at work. Go in at 11:30 and will work till Sunday morning at 6 a.m...on call 24/7 till then. Then we know we're on a downhill slide to going CAMPING ! Yippee !!

Has been very humid and hot the 90's again with heat index up around 100. Linda and I sat out on the back patio last night and once you get out there in the humidity (even at 10:00 it was still very hot and humid), and sit for a while, it doesn't feel too bad.

Nothing much going on the next couple of days. Shouldn't be too crazy here at big events to work. Might have a new resident moving in...who knows. Although she has signed her rental agreement, we're really not sure when she'll arrive on our doorstep to move in.

Ordered some new eyeglasses on Tuesday...can't wait for them to get here so I don't have to look out through a haze of scratches. If you recall the ones I bought on-line didn't work (bi-focal field messed up). The eye Dr. said he sees that a Japanese plastic with poor peripheral field vision and lots of unhappy customers. Linda's are fine but she has the line bi-focal. Guess the Japanese haven't mastered the no line bifocal yet. We have a vision plan through work so will pay most of what these new ones will cost is $145. Will be worth it !

Gotta run....time to get ready for work !!

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