Thursday, April 15, 2010


Since we made the decision to accept this new job, Linda and I have been tackling various things around the rig. On Tuesday, Linda sorted through our clothes and we bagged up four bags of clothes that we'll get rid of. (Hard to believe that there could be that many extra clothes in an RV) I defrosted the freezer while she was doing that. Today I flushed out the hot water tank...getting rid of all the yucky sediment there.

We went to Home Depot and picked up three tubs of Damp Rid that once we park the rig and store it, we'll put one in the basement, one in the living room area and one in the bedroom. This should go a long way towards keeping the dampness at bay. We'll also open the fan vents a bit to let the hot air escape and keep air moving through the rig.

Today the NJ Mini U locations all got together for dinner and a Yankees game. All of these sites closed at 2 p.m. in order for all of them to get there. Linda and I decided that since we are leaving the company that we'd stay and keep the unit open. Next Thursday there is another event...this time a mandatory one for employees. They are having a picnic and going to watch the Lakewood Blue claws ( A triple A baseball team). This is all part of a new sports marketing campaign that Mini U is doing. We had a lot of business this afternoon and got our auction prep work done; our auction is next Thursday at 10:30 a.m. Today we did the lock cutting. Here they use disc locks. So much easier to cut than cylinder locks ! Although I wore a face shield to protect my eyes and face from the flying sparks, I felt like a coal miner by the time we were done. As the grinder cuts through the metal, there is one point where this dark smoke/soot flies out and it's not much fun to breathe in. Although my face wasn't black like the pictures I've seen of miners leaving the mine, my sinuses could relate. We've got three more to cut but the tenants of these units have said they will be in to pay, within the next couple of we will hold off. While I cut, Linda videotapes the whole process, from the point where I start cutting till the unit is opened and photographed and then closed and resealed with a wire tag and red lock. It's a pretty involved process. While the unit is open(and the camera is still rolling), we look at the items we see inside and check them off on an inventory sheet that gets placed in the tenants file. We finished up all of this about ten minutes before the close of it was a good day's work ! To reward ourselves, we went to the Omega Diner for supper. It was delicious, as usual, and we have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. That is good since the cupboards are getting rather bare. We've been using up items that we have in our pantry. It's funny what you can come up with when you just open a can of this and a can of that and put it all together. Makes for some interesting dishes. We are down to just a few cans of mushrooms, a couple cans of soup and a few cans of veggies. A few french fries in the freezer but since I also cleaned the oven, I'm not too quick to want to dirty that up again..

Busy day tomorrow...The carpet cleaners are coming in the morning to shampoo the apartment carpets. Our second Mini U truck is still in the shop and probably will be till Monday (air conditioning went out and needs some other stuff). Need to put all the auction paperwork together from today's filming, etc. Lots of stuff...Hope you all have a wonderful Friday too !!

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