Thursday, April 22, 2010


Today was our auction. It went extremely well....the best of any auction we've conducted. We started out with 52 names on the printout...about half paid some of their bill to get themselves off the list. In the end, there were 13 that went up for sale today. That was a lot more than what Linda and I had anticipated. All but one of them sold which is great for the new managers...means only one unit to trash out and after looking at this unit, there isn't much in it. Good news for them ! We went out to TGIF again to celebrate by having lobster tails again. They were heavenly! They have the cooking of these tails down to a science as they just melt in your mouth and tonight the broccoli was cooked more to my liking than last time. Scrumptious !!

The countdown of tasks begins for our departure on Sunday. I checked all the tire pressures today on Bertha, the rig and our Xterra. All are good.. Did some laundry. We're starting to box up some items as we think we won't need them again before leaving. After thinking about how it will be to store the rig at our new work site, we're going to take a look to see if we'd be able to get it into the field at Linda's family homestead and keep it there this summer. Since we'll only be six hours from Chambersburg, it would be neat to have it there so when we have a holiday weekend or some time off, we can come up there to visit family. Since we were in the field last summer, there have been a lot of changes. The street, near the lot, was dug up and curbing put in. We're not sure that the cut out will be wide enough for us to get through with Bertha and the rig or how firm the soil will be near the curb. I'm afraid that when we try to cross the fresh dirt near the curb that we'll sink in....that would not be a good thing. So....when we get to Chambersburg Sunday, we're going to check out the construction area and see if it's a viable choice for us. Another reason to put the rig there is that I'm not so sure there would be enough room for it at the facility where we'll be living. I've pulled up the satellite imagery of the parking lot area and I think it would be really tight to get it in there with no exit out the rear and no easy way to get back out of there. We could always take the rig down on one of our days off if we find that it will work. Gives us more time to check the space out before getting it down there.

We're getting excited to get started with our new adventure. Just a few more days here and then we'll be on our way !

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Movable Book Lady said...

Good luck with everything! I hope you're going to keep up with this blog so we'll know how you're doing.