Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fun Weekend....

We are on the last of a four day weekend and it's been awesome. Friday night, as soon as we finished with work, Linda left to go join her son and his family at her brother's house....a short drive from here. She took them to Halo Farm for ice cream and was hoping to see some bottling going on in the plant but they were done for the day. They all got a pint of their favorite flavor of ice cream and dove in. Their homemade ice cream is cheap and super yummy so everyone enjoyed it.

The next morning they drove to Easton, PA to the Crayola factory. This is a wonderfully creative place for kids (and adults alike), with tons of fun activities. Here are some pics of the things they participated in.

While Linda was hanging out with her family, I was having fun with my daughter. She took the train up from Philly and got in about 9 p.m. Friday night. We went to the local farmer market where she bought a bunch of veggies....then we went to a park in nearby Somerset and sat on a blanket, taking in the warm temps, blossomed trees and people frolicking in the vicinity. Saturday morning, we went to the Omega Diner and had veggie omelets....yum !

On Saturday evening Linda returned home so the three of us spent Sunday together. It was pretty quiet around....most all of the stores were closed for Easter but we did find a K-Mart open and went there to do some shopping. Went back to the house and watched a couple movies...one on Oscar Wilde and one on another poet (was really weird so don't remember much about it). I kind of lost interest when the poet guy set his wife's hair on fire....yikes ! It's a movie that Leonardo Dicaprio was in, back before he was in Titanic....strange movie ! On Sunday afternoon, Linda and I drove Becky back to Philly....it was a great day for a drive !

Monday morning Linda and I left for the Berkshires...near Lenox, Mass. Spent the night there and returned this afternoon. Much cooler up there than it was here. When we left there this morning, it was very cool and rainy. We got back to NJ and it was in the upper 70's and sunny. Funny how different a few hundred miles can make in the weather. Tomorrow we head back to work. The managers here have moved out so the apartment will need cleaning and getting ready for a new couple. Lots of things to do in the next couple weeks....

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