Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Big Changes Ahead....

Today we gave our two week notice to our current employer. We've gotten a new job, as co-managers of a retirement community, and our training will start on May 2nd. This decision took much deliberation on our part because it means we will come off the road and will no longer be full-time RV'ers. We have worked for our current employer since last July and have never made it out of New Jersey, although the company owns facilities in nine other states. I know that there are many definitions of what it means to be a FT RV'er but I'm not sure going from one Mini U parking lot to another meets any of those definitions. Linda and I commented to each other this morning that it's funny how nine months in New Jersey has changed us. A new, positive change is just what we need !

Our new company is Holiday Retirement . This company is the largest provider of independent living and has facilities throughout the US and Canada. The company was started by William E Colson in 1971. When Mr. Colson became ill with cancer he sold the company to Fortress Investment Group, with the understanding that the "Holiday Touch" had to be maintained as an essential part of the company's philosophy.

We will train in Virginia Beach for two weeks and then we go to Charlotte, NC for two more weeks of training. Once we finish training, our property will be in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. This is a picture of our property. We will work with the property managers at this location...we will be co-managers. We will have our own apartment, complete with full kitchen and washer/dryer. Each facility has an executive chef who cooks everything from scratch and provides three meals a day to the residents and it's also one of our perks. We'll have full benefits...Blue Cross/Blue Shield, dental, vision and can participate in their 401K plan. Lots of bonus potential, which combined with all the other perks, sold us on accepting this new job.

It will be great to work once again in a place where we'll feel that we are making a difference. It's only when Linda and I feel that we are "making a difference" and not merely "making a living" that it means the most to us. There is way too much negativity, lying and deception, and downright rude people that we encounter in this business (I can't tell you how many times today Linda got hung up on)that it will be wonderful to talk and interact with mature adults and help them in their day-to-day lives. Will we encounter some grumpy ones from time to time ? Sure....but overall we'll be helping people to live better, more enjoyable lives. We can't wait to get started.

We're not getting rid of our RV. Taking this job will help us recover the money we lost when the market tanked in 2007...just as we went on the road. We want to get some money set aside so when we truly retire, we'll be in good financial shape. It breaks our hearts to come off the road but we've always been survivors and we do what we got to do to accomplish our goals. Our rig will be with us on-site so we can keep an eye on it and get out camping on our days off. Who knows...this new job might afford us more time to get out and camp than we've done boondockin' on blacktop for the last ten months. Anything's possible !!


Movable Book Lady said...

Wow! Big changes, indeed. I've applied for a job that I hope will allow me to spend 6 months in the Bay Area and 6 months in western NC, so maybe I'll come visit you. Hope all goes really well!

Jim and Bobbie said...

Good decision, Ladies. Take the time to make yourself financially secure...the RV will be there when you are ready to go back on the road.

Where is the "picture of your property"?