Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Pics...

Today was our first official day of work. We did a lot of paperwork, watched a couple of videos and poured coffee during the meals. The residents are great !..They are always laughing and having a good time. They have gotten a big kick out of both of us being named Linda...We've told them to call us by the nickname that stuck at our last job...."B" & "S"..that makes them giggle. We can't be BS because there is a gentleman here who goes by that. He's a Yankees fanatic !! Last night he gave us Yankees pencils and told us that we can't ever sharpen them. The door to his apartment is covered in Yankees stuff...his car too. He's a character !

Here are some pictures of the dining room. The entrance to our apartment is right off of the dining room. We use the back door, that exits onto the patio, to leave by each morning. That way Boomer thinks we are leaving for work and doesn't see people or activity and he is nice and calm throughout the day. We just tell him that it's "time to go to work"...give him a treat (that he has started to snub us on) and then we leave by the back door. Tricky, eh ? With a Border Collie, you have to be sneakier than they are. Sometimes they are just too smart for their own good.

Well, change of plans for our upcoming training. We got to meet our boss, Sam , this afternoon. He informed us that we will now be in Chesapeake, VA for six weeks of training instead of two. And probably not go to Charlotte at all for the last bit of training. So we'll be in one spot for all the training and it will last two more weeks than we anticipated. In several regards it will be better to have all on-site training instead of classroom role playing, etc. but it means 2 more weeks that our managers will have to work without us. They are exhausted and they only have floaters committed to help them for just this week. Yikes....Hope they can hold out for six weeks till we get back.

We are off tomorrow. Going to try and find a dog park and see the area before we head out Friday for Virginia.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Gorgeous photos of the dining room. Looks like a 5 star hotel or the dining room of a cruise ship! So happy for you both. Love the B & S idea and laughed silly about tricking the dog by going out the patio door...funny!