Monday, September 28, 2009

Too fast...

Early Sunday morning Becky awoke and saw lights flashing outside on Rt 1. When Linda took Boomer out for his morning walk she saw several cop cars and wreckers out at the intersection in front of our store. I looked on-line for some news of what had happened but couldn't find anything. Today, Linda and I went up to Wal-mart and Sam's Club and while going north, I pointed out the bouquets of flowers that were piled up around the light pole at the intersection. That wasn't a good sign...sure enough Linda researched on-line tonight and found where at 4:10 a.m. Sunday a 19 yr old young man was killed there when his car veered off the road and struck the light pole. He had just dropped his girlfriend off and was headed home. How sad ! People drive way too fast on this road...sad for an outcome like this, especially for this young man's family.

Watched "The Secret Life of Bees" with Becky on Sunday afternoon. Great movie...not what I thought it was since the book has been around for a while. Great cast of characters and a "2" on the hanky scale (out of 5) for sadness.Wonder if my brother, the beekeeper, has seen this movie since it deals alot with the life and habits of bees. He has many, many hives and makes a ton of honey products to sell. He also taps maple trees and processes maple syrup to sell. The characters, in the movie, seemed very comfortable handling the racks in the bee infested hives...they must have had some good training to not be nervous or good stand-in actresses taking their places. We tried to return the movie to the Red Box drop off at Wal-Mart but the machine was out of order. I'm going to look tomorrow for another location in the area where I can take it to.

Back to work tomorrow....good thing. We are getting bored. Did laundry all day today. Although we can do it for free here (since the apartment is empty), it takes all day to do it with only one washing machine. We got all of our bed linens washed up inordinately large amount of laundry for this week. Tomorrow we have training on a new scanning system for checks in the office. Wednesday the carpet cleaners come to do the apartment and lots of other projects going on in between. Weather is turning more fall like....rained off and on all afternoon. We were hoping to get out today and try our hands at geocaching but didn't get to it. I looked up on the site for locations of "hidden treasure" around here and there are quite a few spots so we will save that adventure for another day.

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Cindy said...

Have you geocached other places? We really have fun with it. Haven't done a lot but have found caches in WI, FL, SC, NC and CO.

What kind of GPS do you use?

For us it is a little bit of exercise and a lot of cheap entertainment. We love it.

Miss you both,