Friday, September 11, 2009

One More Day....

Just one more day till we have our days off. I don't know about the other Linda but I'm tuckered out. It has been a crazy week. We got a question from our friends about what kind of bids come in when storage units gets auctioned off.Well, at this particular auction we got $5 for the lowest unit and I think $350 for the highest. Can be all other the place, depending on what types of goodies people see in the units. Another manager, who recently had an auction, said that after one unit sold for $300, the winning bidder found a bog coin collection in it worth thousands of dollars. Uncut and uncirculated bills, buffalo nickles, etc. All kinds of coins and bills. I guess they hit the mother lode with that buy. You just never know what you'll get. Is sad to hear from some people who are losing their units to auction say that their marriage license are in their units or pictures of deceased family members. Truly heart breaking...sometimes the buyers will bring in the personal belongings and ask us to try and get them back to the owner. That is great when that can happen. One buyer did that yesterday so we are storing several boxes for the owner and now we can't reach them...their phone is disconnected. So we'll keep it a while and try to reach them in hopes we can get the items back to them.

Trying to re-organize the's too cluttered. The displays need to be straightened out and the slat wall displays spruced up. I've got a good start on it but will continue tomorrow. We have a few more reports that need to be done due to the termination. The ex-managers said they will be out of their apartment in the morning. We will have to check that over once they bring us the keys to see if it will need repainting or carpets shampooed. I've started to look over the applications for a new management team. Will continue that tomorrow. I will be interviewing for this location and the opening in Maple Shade, NJ. Looking forward to doing interviewing again.

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