Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We left West Berlin,NJ Tuesday about noon time and drove north to Rahway, NJ. The managers were leaving out the back door as we walked in the front door. They had gotten the termination call just a couple minutes before we arrived. We pulled in with the rig and just left it sitting with the four way flashers going until I could size up the facility and determine where there was power and water. We got the site squared away and then went out to move the rig. We are just inside the security gate but close to connections for everything but sewer.

Rahway was scheduled for an auction today and we discovered, from the old managers late yesterday, that no locks had been cut off in preparation for the auction. Eeek ! So last night was a LATE one....our friends and trainers, Roger and Peggy offered to come over from their site in Hanover to help us cut locks and do the picture/video taking. We worked till 2 a.m. - We were exhausted ! Had to be to work this morning to finish up the paperwork for the auction at 2:30 this afternoon. Only had 11 units make it to auction, out of the original number of 32, due to some technicalities. Auction went well...a pretty quick process. We break the seal on the storage unit, throw open the door....everyone looks inside. They can't open boxes or paw through the items....they can only look from the opening of the door. Most of the experienced auction goers have flashlights with them so they can shine into the unit to see better. Once all have seen the unit, we ask for bids to be turned in. (The buyers are given a bid book to write their bid amount, unit #, their buyer number and then they rip out the bid sheet and give it to me.) I look them over and then the top bidder gets the contents. Long day....glad it's we can settle down to the matter of getting the business squared away and the facility cleaned up.It seems so nice to be on-site so that when work is done we walk out the door and into the commuting. Yippee !!


Jim and Bobbie said...

Very interesting post today. Interesting to hear all that is entailed in your job. Had no idea how you worked an auction. Very interesting. Bobbie

Jim and Bobbie said...

About how much is the winning bid at an auction? Just give us an example. Bobbie