Sunday, September 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home...

A day off....yeah...beautiful sunny day and warm temps. We opened up the windows and lounged around for some of the day and then about 4:30 I thought I probably better accomplish something so I went outside and washed the rig and truck. Was good to get that done since we've been pretty busy and haven't had time to do it.

Did I mention that we are next to a football field....yeah...well, we had end zone seats to today's football game. While I was washing the backside of the rig, I was watching the game. Those coaches were screaming their lungs out at those kids. My oh my....hope their wives like sweet nothings whispered in their ears cause those boys aren't gonna be able to do anything OTHER than whisper the next day or so. Screamin and hollerin'...The first game was pretty much a blow out...43 - 0. Not sure how the next game turned out.

And then on the backside of the property we've got "the projects".I think that is where our carts are disappearing to. Hmmmm.....And then on the other side of us, across the highway, we have the Rahway prison. It has a pretty colorful background...appearing in a variety of movies and housing some famous inmates. Click on the link to learn more about our "neighbor". If all of that isn't enough, we went to ShopRite to get some ice cream (not because we needed to cure any recent problems but just because we had a hankering for it)and inside the grocery store is a police substation. I think the officer sitting at the desk must have seen my jaw hit the ground when I saw him....looked down at the front of the desk where it said "District __ Police Substation" and then back up at him. Must admit I was pretty amazed....we just don't see that in the grocery stores in Pennsylvania. You might see a horse and buggy tied up out front but no police stations inside.

We were out walking on the back of the property and saw where someone jumped the curb, drove across the grass for about 50 yards and then ran over the stop sign outside of our gate.No damage to our property....We thought initially that they had hit the corner of the property fence cause it was really smashed in but found an incident report in the office of a previous hit and run that damaged the fence. They did a number on the fence...can't imagine what their car looked like.

Have tomorrow off too....probably get some laundry done and get ready to go back to work tomorrow on Tuesday.

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