Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Girls Night Out....

Since Linda B had to work on Sunday, she got to have today off while I worked with one of the assistants. There is always lots to do. Today I had a bunch of locks to drill out. These are locks that the locking mechanism is too large, for some odd reason, and we're not able to get them out of the opening. Kind of hard to rent the unit out if we can't get into it...ya think ? So there are 19 units like this. I've got over half of them done....will finish them up tomorrow.

Nights are getting cooler and is getting darker earlier. I keep setting the timers, on the exterior lights, to come on earlier and shut off later, due to the changing season. Today was the first day of autumn and a pretty day it was. Temps in the 70's...and tomorrow it's supposed to hit 82.

Last night Linda and I went up to her sister in laws house to have dinner with her. What fun we had...went to a restaurant literally across the street from their house and had a great meal. Was a fun girls night out ! We laughed and had a good time. Was just what we needed for a day off.

Missing all of our friends....wish I could gather all of them up, with a snap of my fingers, and bring them all together. We stay in touch with all our RV'ing buddies but it has been anywhere from six months to almost a year since we've seen them all. They are scattered all over the country, doing all sorts of things. Many of them are headed back to Amazon.com to work for the Christmas season. I was thinking about the 16 miles a day we used to walk at our job at Amazon, picking the orders, as I was walking through the hallways at work the other day. I'm sure I don't cover 16 miles a day, doing this job, but I cover alot of territory in a day's time. We won't be with them this year in Coffeyville, Kansas but we will sure be thinking about them and will be with them in spirit. We hope that they have a great time there and that the cold weather stays away till they get out of there.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

That was nice....very nice sentiments. We all miss you both also and wish you DID have magic finger snaps! Amazon.com seems to be our winter home and we will be returning in 3 weeks. Bobbie