Saturday, September 19, 2009


Yesterday was the day for people getting stuck at work. About mid-day we had a couple of guys get stuck in the elevator, while the distraught wife was outside the elevator. She buzzed us in the office about the same time that the elevator company called us saying a man had just called them, advising them that he was stuck in the elevator. Roger, from the Hanover location, was over at our site doing some work so he and I went to see what the problem was. The more minutes passed, the more distraught the wife became. She was asking her husband if he had enough air in there...clearly not a problem unless he was stuck inside a ziplock baggie. Roger did some things to the doors and the doors were pried open so the two men could climb out. They had gone about 24" above the first floor when the elevator stopped. After this ordeal the couple had lost their enthusiasm for having a storage unit on the second floor so we got them set up with a first floor unit. I'm sure it will be a while before that woman steps foot in an elevator again.

Later on, that same day, I was walking back to the office through the back corridor. I could hear someone banging and yelling so I went out the exterior door to see what was going on. Nothing there.....came back inside and continued on towards the office. Again...banging and yelling. Now I could see a woman outside the restroom door and as I approached she told me that her son was "stuck" in the restroom. I asked her how old and how tall he was. Our door doesn't have a locking doorknob (probably so the key can't be locked inside the restroom) so a sliding bolt was installed but it is about 2/3 of the way up the door. This 5 yr old had jumped up to slide the lock over but then couldn't get it unlocked. I told the mom to have him turn the garbage can on its side and to carefully stand on it to reach the lock. He did so with much fanfare and dramatic "ooohhsss" and groans, coming from inside the restroom. He was successful and got out of the bathroom in one piece and armed with a story for his friends. Bet he won't be locking that door anytime soon.

Yesterday Linda and I received the gift we had bought for ourselves....a new laptop. It is great !! I'm not sure how to act since I don't have to wait 20 minutes for the computer to start up.....I barely have time to get my slice of bread in the toaster mornings and the computer is "ready to go"....WOW !! I can watch videos like the "turkey rappers" without any additional hiccups inserted or the stopping and starting of the video that usually happenes. We got an Acer Aspire....$399 on It has the Vista operating system which I've heard good and bad things about. So far it's OK....not a big deal that I can see. We do have the option of getting Windows 7 when it comes out in about a month. We'll see whether we will want to change over when the time comes. The screen is super crisp....nice big keys on the keyboard (reminds me of those large button phones)..has a separate numbers pad on the side,a webcam, 4 USB ports ( a huge improvement from the one working one we had) and is lightening fast ! Life is good....

Tomorrow is supposed to be our day off but one of our assts. has her EMT class tomorrow so Linda will go and work with the other young lady. She is new and not able to handle things yet on her own. I'll work around the house, getting some things done. Will be a short day for Linda....we close at 3. I'm hoping to watch the NASCAR race too....might be a relaxing day.

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