Saturday, May 2, 2009


Tonight our neighbor, Jim, pulled out and is headed to his next job in Missouri. Jim is an industrial electrician and has been here for about a month. He's from Tennessee so will get to go home for a day or two before he heads to Missouri. He will only be there for a couple of weeks and then he's headed to Washington state. He was a nice neighbor and we're sure glad we got to meet him.

Last night Linda got home from work around 12:30. About a half hour later we hear a loud alarm go off and then it kept repeating itself over and over for quite some time. We finally figured out that someone had tripped a security alarm in the Scottish Rite hall next door. Linda was really nervous that we had a criminal running around outside. The automated alarm was saying "You have entered a secure space. The police have been notified....." We finally turned on our meditation tape to drown it out. We asked Donna, the park manager, about it tonight and she said she was glad we heard it as it seems no one else in the park heard it. She said she called the sheriff to report it and they never came to take care of it but it finally shut off about 1:30. We told her that it made us nervous to have a criminal on the loose and she said that probably a rat tripped the sensor and set it off. We weren't sure whether we should feel better about that explanation than the one we had thought it was. Hmmm.... On top of that she tells me tonight that there are "carnival" people moving in the next day or two and guess what.....we have the space open next to us. Yeehaa !!That gave me a warm feeling all over. She said last year, the night they moved in, she found that they had started a huge bonfire outside their rig and there were about 20 cars parked on their site. Sounds like we have a fun time ahead.....

Went downtown today to tour the old capitol building but there was a festival going on and we couldn't get anywhere close to it. We wanted to take in the festival but parking was really tight and finally gave up and went to Sam's Club to get some things we needed. Got home in time to see Jim before he left and then watched the NASCAR race. Good boy is back on top !

Weather is still staying really warm here. Has been in the high 80's all week and the humidity kept climbing through the week. Luckily today there was a good breeze despite the fact that the humidity was in the 70% range. Might get some rain tomorrow and little cooler (low 80's) on Monday.

As far as the swine flu fiasco, there are about 11 suspected cases in Louisiana. The local news is constantly covering it and it gets really monotonous. The whole thing is really overblown and the media, in typical fashion, has found their latest "crisis" to grab a hold of and blow out of proportion. Everyone needs to calm down and act responsibly by practicing good hand washing and just use common sense.

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