Friday, May 8, 2009

Dog Park

Today we took the boys to the ball field to run only to find that the grounds crew was dong some work on it. So we decided to go to the dog park that we had initially heard about but had been worried about the boys getting some disease or something if it wasn't well kept. This is it...turns out it's a wonderful place ! They have a pool like Boomer used to have at our house and he thoroughly enjoyed laying down in it and then taking off like a maniac and running in figure 8's all over the park. There was a 22 month old German Shepherd there named Levi and he and Boomer had a grand ole time, chasing each other and taking turns in the pool. Schroeder went over to visit the other little dog, who was chasing the ball her owner would throw. He behaved really well around both dogs so we've decided we definitely need to go back again.
We started to pack the truck today. Picked up the patio mat to dry out and got things situated on the back of the truck. We are planning to leave when Linda gets home from work Sunday around 7 p.m. She has to work from 6-6 the next two days so I'll finish up getting things ready to go.

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