Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Perkins Rowe...

On Monday night Linda had to work on the 6th floor of this facility, at the Neuro Medical Center. Although she had been scheduled previous times here, her shifts always seemed to get canceled so this was her first time there. She worked the overnight shift so it was dark as she made her rounds of the patients rooms. One guy had a room on the corner with windows that looked out over the surrounding buildings. When she went into his room she saw what a magnificent view he had from his windows. All of the nearby buildings had lights that lit up the roof line and she said it was an awesome view and she stood there for a while and just took it all in. We decided to go check out what these other buildings were in the vicinity. We knew that one was a Barnes and Noble bookstore so that was a good enough reason to go exploring.

What a great place this is ! It's like a little community within the city. Palm tree lined streets and these huge screens hung in front of the town hall and the images were constantly changing. There were shops and a big movie theater inside the town hall. You could tell that the whole thing wasn't completed yet cause there was a "Magnolia Park" at the far end of town that was still under construction. There were many vacant stores but instead of having empty store fronts they had scenes painted on screen material and it made the fronts of these empty buildings very attractive. The shops and boutiques that were open were really cute. Very attractive window displays and neat items in the stores.

A closer look at one of the three screens that hung in front of the town hall

The whole area was so cool. Most of the buildings were three stories tall so the top two floors appeared to be apartments. What a great place to live. At the far end of Perkins Rowe we found the Fresh Market I thought maybe it was a place for a farmers market to be held once a week but we thought we'd go check it out. When we saw a young man coming down the steps with grocery bags in his hands we knew it must be like a regular grocery store but once inside we realized that there's nothing "regular" about it.

What a neat store this was. If you think that Wegman's does a nice job of displaying items, this place is a cut above that. Around the whole perimeter of the room there were wide ledges above the wall cases and they had little scenes or displays set up like this one. The prices weren't bad we thought considering that most stuff was organic or fair trade or specialty products. Everything in there was immaculate. We talked to the man behind the meat counter and he said that there are other Fresh Markets around the country, such as in North Carolina. We told him how beautiful everything was in the store. We walked around and all we could do was ooh and ahh as we looked at displays and food items that were unique. We finished up looking around and headed back to the truck where the boys were waiting. Perkins Rowe was like a little slice of heaven in the middle of a pig sty. There is so much trash along the highways and around houses that it was nice to go to an area where things were well kept and the sights and smells were heavenly. Definitely a place we will go back and visit if we need a night out.

Look at the size of this pot that was
in the town hall building. There were
probably 8 of these in there near
entrances to the shops.

The huge chandelier that hung over where Linda
stood next to the pot. It was gorgeous !

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Anonymous said...

Very spiffy. Yes, there are two Fresh Markets in Asheville NC, so I'm used to them. When I saw your pic I wondered if it were the same chain.

And where are you going? I think I must have missed that somewhere.