Saturday, June 1, 2013

Breckenridge, CO

We left Denver yesterday morning. We were hoping that the winds would have died down and it appeared that way initially but as soon as we got on the road, we realized that it was going to be a wild ride. On Friday the winds had been horrendous. Thirty mile an hour sustained winds and the weather man said some of the gusts in the Denver area were close to sixty miles per hour. I went to the post office to mail some stuff out and the dust flying across the highway made the visibility horrible. Our once clean rig is now covered in dirt. And so we pulled out to head to Breckenridge.IMG_0349

Linda was feeling brave and decided to drive. I sat at the dinette, initially facing front, watching where we were headed. After a few large gusts knocked us for a loop, I turned to the other side of the dinette so I couldn't see out. It was a little scary. We couldn't believe how much snow is still on the mountains up here. We had shorts on when we left Denver. We pulled off at one of the chain stations so I could take over driving. I took Boomer outside to pee and it was freezing ! I checked the dash temperature gauge and it said it was 41 outside. Wow ! Talk about a change in temps.

We pulled into Tiger Run Resort, as wet snow flurries started flying. We changed into some long pants and long sleeve shirts in a real big hurry. Linda did a great job driving in that wind. I had the easier job of driving once we got into the IMG_0350 mountains and were sheltered from the gusts; the wind speeds weren't near as bad.

The lakes around Silverthorne and Frisco are really was so sad to see. Last year, we had gone to the one lake and played at the water's edge. The "edge" is now like 500 yards farther away. The manager here said that there hasn't been any noticeable rain for a long time. It's beautiful here in the resort. This is the view of the mountains from our pretty. Temps are only going to hit 60 for the next ten days or so. There is a brisk chill in the air, like early spring. The flowers haven't even started blooming here yet. Time for winter to put its' tail between its' legs and go away.....

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Bobbie and Jim said...

Jim was away on a two day trip to Salt Lake City and I stayed in Nederland. Those same winds battered me and Poncho around for two days. Scary, scary. Not fun.