Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekends are for Friends and Fun....

We love the RV lifestyle and being able to see our friends as we travel around the country, doing our jobs with AGS, and being able to play on the weekends. Last weekend was our first weekend in Breckenridge and our friends Larry and Nancy (also AGS reps) invited us over to their lot in CORA (just past Fairplay) for a cookout. They are taking the summer months off from work and will start in again this fall. The development, where they have their lot, is surrounded by hiking trails and awesome fishing and that was the draw for them to purchase this lot. They both love to fly fish and hike so it was a perfect match for their lifestyle. The park is divided into several different sections and levels. Before lunch we hiked two miles back into the canyon behind their place.

IMG_0352 IMG_0353


These two huge gashes in the ground were from a sudden downpour that dropped water right at these precise locations and created these gullies. They said that from the looks of the storm clouds, they knew something mighty would come of it.






I got to try out the timer on my new camera (with some help from Larry) to get this picture of the four of us back in the canyon. We hiked back to a meadow, with an awesome view of Bear Mountain. Since Linda and I had only been at the new, higher elevation for about 48 hours, out lungs were still trying to get used to the altitude. We had to stop and catch our breath pretty frequently during the hike.





After our hike, we had lunch. Nancy made some awesome burgers of ground chicken, cherries, walnuts and blue cheese. Larry cooked them over the grill and they were amazing ! Linda and I had brought a salad and some fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and our espresso and 18 yr balsamic. Nancy was in heaven as she hadn't had mozzarella in a long time and she loved the balsamic. We finished the meal with low fat brownies....yum !

After lunch, they took us to a friend's lot on the "upper level" of CORA (stands for campground of the Rockies case you're wondering). Wow....million dollar views !




Fabulous views in all directions. His 5th wheel is perched on the side of the mountain with 180 degree views of the mountains, the river below, distant lakes and the meadows for as far as the eye can see. Larry said that many times a storm system will drop rain on his friends, up top, and they will be dry down at their lot. They are also in a prime vantage point to see the storms as they roll in. We had a great time visiting with Larry and Nancy. Larry is getting ready for a rafting trip down the Colorado River that sounds like an awesome trip. We might be able to coax Nancy to come to Breckenridge for Sunday brunch and a trip to the Breck farmer's market before we leave here.

Fast forward to this weekend when our friends Bobbie and Jim came to see us and also had their friends Heinz and Angela with them.IMG_0366

It's so great to have them only 90 minutes away from us so they could drive up and spend some time with us. We met up in Silverthorne and then Linda and I drove them around Lake Dillon (which is where this picture was taken) and then down to Frisco. We walked around downtown Frisco, checking out the cute shops. Linda found a hat to buy to protect her from the sun. It will come in handy when we go to the national parks in Utah, in a couple of weeks, so she doesn't get burnt again. Her nose is still recovering from the bad sunburn she got last week, while we were out hiking with Nancy and Larry. We stopped to eat at the Lost Cajun.  The owner is formerly from Louisiana and moved to Colorado after his business in Louisiana was impacted by hurricanes so many times. He slow cooks all of his sauces to give it authentic Louisiana flavor. As he likes to say, "come and pass a good time".

Linda and I had lunch there last week. I had a bowl of the shrimp and lobster bisque, which was so rich and delicious. Linda had the catfish, which was really good. Sometimes we've had catfish and it has that dirty taste to it. Yesterday, Linda asked one of the cooks why theirs didn't have that dirty taste to was so good. He said it needs to be washed really well plus you have to marinade it to get rid of that. Hmmm....While we were there, they baptized us with beads and Heinz got the cute hat that he's wearing in this picture. We finished our meal with beignets....messy eatin' with all that powdered sugar but a nice ending to our meal. Fun times and good food.

After lunch we drove everyone down the road to the resort that Linda and I are working and showed them the chalets and RV lots. We said our goodbyes and Bobbie and Jim headed back to Granby, CO and Heinz and Angela drove back to Alamosa. Today, we're not sure what is in store. We might take the bike up to Swan looks like a pretty drive. We'll see how the spirit moves us to go exploring....What do you have in store for the rest of your weekend ? Make it a safe and fun day !

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