Monday, June 24, 2013

Moab, UT

IMG_0392 We left Breckenridge, CO Saturday morning about 7:00; headed to Moab, UT to check out Canyon Lands and Arches National Park. Linda found us a great park, on the other side of Moab with a Passport America price of $20/night. Quiet park...nothing special but with a beautiful view of the rocks around us.

If I had a dollar for every time one of us said "Oh Wow !" since we've been here, I'd have a bunch of money in my pocket. We arrived at lunchtime on Saturday and that gave us time to explore the shops downtown and then go out to Arches and start checking things out.





IMG_0429 IMG_0443

IMG_0441 See Becky at the bottom of the's so huge !

The rocks here are amazing. Becky's friend Chris told us to be sure to drive out route 128 if we could so we were sure to make time for thatIMG_0452 and so glad we did. We drove out to Fisher Towers and enjoyed a picnic lunch there. There have been so many movies show in the Moab area....everything from John Wayne westerns to the famous final scene in Thelma and Louise. We're doing a bunch of hiking, which takes you out to neat overlooks and observation areas. The park maps are good about telling if the difficulty of the trail. The slickrock isn't necessarily slippery (unless it gets wet) but is a little difficult to get good footing on. The trees, lizards and plant life are so interesting to look at on our hikes. We always have lots of water with us because it's been in the mid 90's so it's important to stay hydrated.





IMG_0470 Fisher Towers


It is so incredible here but we've done a great job of fitting in everything that we want to do. We spent Sunday at Arches and today at Canyon Land. Tomorrow we leave to drive to Bryce. I'll post more pics later about our day at Canyon Land. We have a slow internet connection here so takes forever to do something on the computer.

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Bobbie and Jim said...

Enjoyed reading this blog posting. Great photos as always. Love the photo of the three of you together. Tripod is working out great.