Monday, May 27, 2013

Rocky Mountain National Park


Yesterday we took a drive up to Rocky Mountain National Park, outside of Estes Park. We didn't realize that there was an art show in town. It made for lots of traffic, on top of it being a holiday weekend. We picked up some salads at the grocery store, to go with the other food I had packed for a picnic. We found a nice pull off area, with this beautiful view, and ate our picnic lunch. There is still lots of snow in the mountains. Just a short drive inside the main gate, we came upon cars parked in the road all askew and realized that there must be some animals somewhere nearby cause everyone goes nuts when they see any type of animal in a national park. It turned out to be an elk, grazing in the field. It's too bad people don't realize what a hazard they create for other drivers by leaving their car in the road, to run off to get a picture. We drove on....IMG_0335

We took a ridge road that wound its' way up the mountainside...stopping at some of the pull-off areas to see the views. Look how deep the snow still is, high in the mountains ! I had Linda stand along the edge of the road, where the snow plow had plowed a path on the road. It was really cold, dripping down her back.






We left the park and drove down to Boulder. We were both really surprised how congested a town it is. When I think of Boulder, I think of a hippy type town but there are tons of corporate type stores there. We stopped for ice cream and then came back home. It was such a stark difference leaving the density of Boulder and then just a mile or so outside of town, it was like driving through the countryside. I really liked that was some really pretty land. It was a nice day to take it all in...temps here in Brighton were close to 90 but way up on the mountain it was in the 60's...very refreshing and downright cool in some areas.

Today we just hung out around the rig. My eye surgery on Friday went great. It was really quick and I didn't feel a thing. Friday evening, once I got home, I had spasms in my right eye, which was a little uncomfortable but I slept really well that night and the rest of the weekend, it's been great. We had to go back to the Dr. on Saturday morning to have it checked and all is good. I will have one final check-up in June before we leave the area. I can already tell that my vision is much better. Hoping that my astigmatism doesn't come back and that my vision stays as it should for a long time. Weather today was perfect. Hope everyone had a great weekend and remembered those who serve and have served our country to give and maintain our freedom. It's a precious thing to have the freedoms that we all experience.  

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