Thursday, June 13, 2013


We took a walk tonight, through the RV resort we're working on here in Breckenridge. Look at this pretty RV site that sits next to the streamTiger Run RV lot that runs through the resort. A hammock or swing on that little landing next to the water would  be really sweet. The snow is melting big time on the mountain so all of the streams are really rushing.

There's a nice foot path that goes from the resort to downtown Breckenridge. We took a stroll, with Boomer to check it out. We're really careful to have our SPF 50 and our hats on up here. Most days the UV index is don't get any higher than that on the scale..folks.

Look at those gorgeous mountains in the background. Does that make for a pretty walk or what ?









IMG_0384 IMG_0375

Last weekend we found the dog park for Boomer in downtown Breck. A good sized park, where he could frolic for a little while. He doesnP6070067't do his figure 8 romps for as long as he used to and when he gets home, he seems a little gimpy....the next day too. Guess that's what happens when you get to be 94 in dog years. I think I'd be gimpy too if I ran like that when I'm 94. While we were looking for the dog park, we  discovered this neat train collection. It's the No. 9 train that ran in Breck from 1884 to 1937. See the "butterfly" plow on the front ? Betcha can figure out what that was for. If the snow was really deep, they brought out this big daddy.P6070069 This rotary snow plow would churn through the snow and shoot it 30' into the air, off the train tracks. The information board said that many times cattle would get killed in avalanches that would cover the tracks. When this monster would come through, there'd be steaks flying through the air as it cleared the track. Ewww....This apparatus is so heavy that it took 4-6 steam locomotives to push it down the track. Here's the kind of snow that it had to clear. Growing up back east, stuff like this is amazing. I can remember, as a kid, snowstorms where the snow would drift up to the bottom of the windows but they get serious snowfalls out here. It was a neat exhibit and interesting information.

On another day, as we were driving down a back road to find a business, we came across another neat exhibit.





















This ancient relic is a dredging boat that was used during gold mining days. It would act like someone panning for gold, by dredging up rock and separating the rock from the gold flecks. We've been wondering why we've seen so many rock piles clustered throughout the area...the leftover product of these rock chewing machines. We love wandering down back roads, in search of neat little discoveries....whether it's from a modern day chewing machine like a beaver dam or these ancient relics, from days gone by. A beautiful place to do some exploring...



Dave and Susie said...

Great post girls. Never stopped at Breckenridge when we were there. Will have to stop for sure now. See ya down the road!

Bobbie and Jim said...

Great blog post!!!Very interesting information. Ugh on the flying steaks though...really like the path to Breckenridge...sweet.