Saturday, July 14, 2012

So Far in Jackson, Wyoming….

We arrived in Jackson on Tuesday and got the same site that we had last year. It’s on the end of a row, with a great view of the mountainP7130037 behind us. We went into the park last night to have dinner and try to see some animals. Friends of ours, who had been at the RV Women conference were going to meet us for dinner but changed their plans. Earlier in the day, we learned from a restaurant at Moose Junction, that something had occurred earlier in the day that had knocked out all cell phones, credit card systems and internet. It was affecting everyone from Moose Junction down to Jackson….that must have had a huge affect on businesses. So anyway, our friends were not able to reach us nor us reach them. We waiting for 45 minutes and then decided to just go ahead and get something to eat at a little cafe at Colter Bay. Just as we arrived, at the cafe, it began to pour. Wow, did it ever. There was a waterfall coming off of the roof outside the cafe.


After dinner we drove around the park, driving to Jenny Lake and then back to Jackson. Jenny Lake is gorgeous and sits right at the base of the mountains, which makes for a dramatic setting. As we drove throughout the park, there were still storm clouds around and an occasional shower.

 P7130055 P7130043

P7130038 P7130034

It wasn’t till we got towards the end of our drive that we saw any wildlife. We saw a deer munching on some grass along the road in aP7130061 wooded area. Then we rounded a corner and saw a moose, about six feet off the road. Linda got really excited and said, “Holy Shit, give me the camera.” She snapped a picture just as we saw the ranger’s car coming up behind us. As we drove off, we saw him hang around to make sure that the moose wasn’t disturbed by the paparazzi… know how annoying they can be ! She seemed oblivious to us being there….just having a snack before bedtime.

It rained a lot through the night and has rained off and on throughout the day. Haven’t done much today…just relaxing. Calling for more rain tomorrow but we’re hoping to get the bike out and do some more exploring.

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Dave and Susie said...

Colter Bay campgound is one of our favorite places to camp. We love the chili at the cafe there in Colter Bay Village. They also have great breakfasts. There is so much to do. If you go to Signal mountain (heading back to Colter Bay) there is a turn off going to the right before you get to the mountain. Go down that dirt road for about a mile or two, near dusk, and look up the side of the meadow on the will see the elk coming down below the tree line to feed. We had so much watching them.

There is a chuckwagon type of place there at Moose Junction that has great food. We really enjoyed it. You eat outdoors at picnic tables. Everything is cooked over open fires.

We use to have friends that lived up on the ridge from Moose Junctions. You could always see their teepees. They were highly respected in the Native American World as they helped keep their dances and culture alive. Reg and Gladis Laubin. You can get their books at the gift store at the hotel there in the park.

Have fun.