Friday, July 27, 2012

Our last day in Jackson…


Yesterday we took Boomer to doggie daycare at DogJax so that Linda and I could work on breaking down the job plus it gave him a whole day to play with other dogs. Got the job finished up, then dropped it in the Fed Ex box on the way to pick up Boomer.

Today we went downtown to walk around and check out the stores. An interesting blend of really expensive shops (furs, jewelry,artwork) and novelty t-shirt shops. There are a couple of stores that have really unique home furnishings. The kind that you’ve love to go crazy in if you ever won the lottery. Dining room tables that are works of art and just really cool stuff.

We also took a couple more shots in Grand Teton park. We got to see a baby moose with her mom….so cute !



P7250025 P7250029

P7250036 P7250037

P7250041 P7250042

We pull out in the morning and will stop in Etna to get the oil changed in the motorhome. That way it will be changed and ready for the trek to Nebraska, once we leave Thayne in early August. We’ve really enjoyed our time in Jackson….it’s one of our favorite places.