Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Day at Yellowstone…

We had planned on getting up super early to spend our last weekend day in Yellowstone but after working at the Habitat build on Saturday for seven hours, getting up at 4:45 a.m. was a little rough. We wanted to get to the park as the sun came up…scheduled for 6:03. Got to the entrance to Grand Teton park about ten before six and just inside the park we saw a humongous elk standing along the road. It was still too dim to get a good picture and when we tried to get the car closer to him, he ran into the woods. Man, did he have a huge rack !

Then a little after six the magic happened…daybreak in Jackson

teton dawn






It looked golden on the side of the Tetons in some areas; purplish and pinkish in other places. So awesome…the line from the song, “purple mountains majesty” was going through my head as I watched them. Shortly after daybreak, we saw two more bull elk and a female crossing a field. Further into the park there was a large field and we counted close to twenty-six elk. Half of them were babies and the other half were mommy elks…..pair by pair they trotted across the field. It was so cute. We covered a lot of territory, leaving the west entrance about one and took the highway down through Montana and into Idaho. Idaho has really surprising topography…very flat like the mid-western states. We got home a little before five, which made it almost a twelve hour day. We were exhausted! Saw so many awesome things though…four waterfalls, lots of animals and beautiful scenery.


P7220049 P7220071

bridge at yellowstone waterfalls Moose Falls


P7220061 P7220057


Kepner Cascades













P7220064 P7220067

P7220082 P7220083

We had such a great day. We feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful country and to be doing the type of work that allows us to see things we might never have seen. We are blessed ! Hope everyone had a great weekend doing special things or just lounging around the house relaxing. We leave here on Saturday to move to Thayne, an hour south of here.

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Dave and Susie said...

So beautiful! I just love that area of the country. Glad you got to see it.