Thursday, July 12, 2012

The rest of RV Women Conference…

P7040023 The conference officially kicked off on Thursday but on Wednesday night there was an ice cream social in the Cam Plex building and then block parties around the campground.

We went to a couple different rigs to join in the fun and meet some of the ladies. The ladies we had met in Oklahoma City were there and our friends Wendy and Cindy so it was great to catch up with all of them.

On Saturday night they had a casino night. Linda and I, being the big gamblers that we are, played Bingo the whole time. I won the last game with was “cover all” and won $1000….play money that is. Shucks, too bad it wasn’t the real deal; it would have paid for all the stuff we bought during the week. Oh well, it’s onlP7040024y money…some fake and some not so much. There was the general membership meeting at the end of the week and a wonderful announcement that there are over 300 new members since the first of the year…Yippee ! The convention banquet Sunday night featured a fabulous buffet of home-made goodies…scalloped potatoes, veggie lasagna (or chicken or beef if you picked that for your entree), salad, veggie blend and some sort of bavarian custard for dessert. The performer, after dinner was a world championship hoop dancer. She is the current Wyoming state champ for hoop dancing. It was pretty amazing to see her perform with the hoops and what she could make out of them. Here is a video of what it was like, although this isn’t the woman who performed for us. It will give you an idea of what it’s like. She had her little kids with her and each of them are learning how to hoop dance too.

On Monday we headed out, after having an awesome “hitch up breakfast” for Jackson, Wyoming. P7090021 

The drive was gorgeous as we drove up through Wind River Canyon, near Riverton. High canyon walls on each side and the river along the highway. I would put this route up there, as far as best scenic drives, with the one that winds through red rock canyon in Utah.

We stopped on Monday night, in Dubois, Wyoming at an RV park along the river. That is where I took the picture that is at the top of our blog. That was our rig and car, as it was parked in our site.

Here are some pictures of our drive getting to Jackson.

P7090022 P7090026

Oh yes, this construction area was fun to drive through. We hit two of these. The good thing was that due to the ripped up road (right down to the base), you could go super slow and no one thought anything of it. That was nice with the 6% grade going down the hill. Nice and easy !

P7090027 P7090030

P7090034 P7090050


This is in the town of Thermopolis….site of the largest mineral springs. It was huge…see it out my window oozing all over the place.






Heading into Wind River Canyon….





P7090061 P7090065


Three tunnels in a row just like this….14’ clearance. Linda held her breath as we went through….Hey, we had a foot to spare ! They were pretty neat….all carved out of the mountain. Wonder how many high tractor trailers have “chiseled” a little more off the top of each one. LOL





P7090076 P7090078

What a pretty area for a campground, along this reservoir. Gorgeous place to have a site for the summer !

P7100085 P7100086

Our site in Dubois, Wyoming on Monday night, right along the river.


Coming over the mountain, to Moran Junction…..see the Tetons in the distance.






This GMC gem was trucking up the mountain as we were headed down….an oldie but a goodie.






There they are…..a welcome sight around the Jackson area !







Got to Jackson around 11:30 and are in the same site we had last year. Temps have been really warm….it was 96 today. Way warmer than it was last year. Calling for chance of rain/storms the next three days. Oh sure, just when we want to get the bike out and go up into Yellowstone. We bought an annual pass when we went to the National Sand Dunes so we want to use it as much as we can while we are here. Hope everyone has a great weekend ! I think I’m caught up now on my posts. More later….


longdog2 said...

Beautiful sights.

Bobbie and Jim said...

Beautiful country and you took wonderful photographs. More rain and hail here today.