Monday, July 2, 2012


P7010035 When we stopped at the Terry Bison Ranch Saturday night, we were too tired to go down to the barn and look at the animals. When we got up, we wanted to get on the road but we did make time to walk down to the barn to see what was new since last year. Good thing we did cause there are four new baby horses.

Poco (short for Poco Caballo – which is Spanish for “little horse”) is the youngest one there at only two weeks old. He was born on June 18th and is just the cutest thing. He’s about half the size of Boomer and his legs are still a little unsteady. He was taking a nap when we were there but the flies were disturbing him so he woke up and decided to get a drink of milk from his mama. He has a rough life….eat till his belly is full and then take a nap.


P7010034 Another one of the babies is named Noodles. I don’t think there was information on the other two but they were all cute. Of course we didn’t have the camera with us when we went down the first time so as we were leaving the RV park, I stopped the rig up in the parking lot and Linda ran down to take these pictures. Poco’s mommy needs to have a chat with Poco cause he stood over in the “recycled hay”, eating it. Ick !! Not a very good meal for a little one or any animal, for that matter. So glad we got to see all of them.


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