Sunday, September 4, 2011

This is a first….

Linda and I arrived in Greenwood, NE around 3 p.m.and got settled in at the campground just off of Interstate 80. We’ll be working on the guide for this park and will stay here until next Monday. We got a late lunch and then took the bike to check out the businesses in the area. It’s a small area, with a network of back roads that parallel route 80. I was hungry for ice cream and we found a little ice cream shop in downtown Greenwood so we got a banana split. It was so good. Drove around a bit more and then came back to the campground to discover that the dirt track speedway NEXT DOOR is in full swing tonight. Oh lordy ! It sounds like there is a giant swarm of bees outside the rig. I hope that it’s not a late night event….man, is it loud ! I wonder if that is an attraction for staying here (kind of a two fer deal…go camping AND go to the races) or if it’s a deterrent to anyone pulling off the highway to stay the night.) Was really hoping to watch NASCAR tonight (maybe one racing noise would cancel out the other) but we don’t get any of the channels that the race is on. Phewy !!

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