Sunday, September 18, 2011

Soft Cell

We have been debating for a while whether to get a water softener for the rig and finally took the plunge and got one. I have always had really dry skin and the last few months, it has gotten worse and that accelerated our decision. Our friends, Wendy and Cindy, have a Soft Cell and love it so after researching several different models we decided to also get a Soft Cell. This portable style water softener uses resin beads to attract the calcium and magnesium in the water and hold it, making the water softer. At my sticks and bricks house I had a whole house water softener and it had to be filled with salt pellets. With this portable softener, salt pellets are only used in the regenerating process and the salt releases the calcium and magnesium from the resin so it’s clean and ready to do its job of pulling the minerals out.

When I first hooked it up and we’d used it for two days, I didn’t get the “slippery skin” feel that we should have had and chalked it up to hard water still being the lines or in the hot water tank. Then I got to thinking that it had been a while since I’ve flushed the hot water tank out so did that yesterday. Oh my, lots of gunk came pouring out. I’m sure that all of the mineral sludge in the bottom of the tank was putting crap back into the water, negating what our water softener was trying to do. Got it flushed out, put back together and filled it up. Ahhhh, there it was. That slippery, soft feeling water that we had expected. Anxious to use it from day 1 with our new rig so the lines and fixtures won’t have any gunk in them and the systems can run efficiently. There is a pre-filter on the unit and from some of the parks we’ve stayed at, this will be a big help to pull the silt out of the water before it goes into the rig. The pre-filter unit is where you put the salt pellets when it comes time to regenerate it. Handy way to do it…when the salt is all dissolved, it’s done. My skin and hair are saying a big “thank you” !

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