Thursday, September 8, 2011

Linda’s Birthday

Sorry to say but we worked today on Linda’s birthday. Didn’t have a very productive day though…Rough selling for the park we’re staying at. We’re about 25 miles from Lincoln and Omaha and the little towns in between don’t have many businesses at all or aren’t interested. Earlier today we had wondered about the size of a town, named Alvo, that was listed on a directional sign the other side of Interstate 80. Mystery solved….We came through Alvo tonight on the way back from Red Lobster and the sign said “Population 142”.  There were only a couple of houses and that was all there was to Alvo so either all 142 live “commune-style” or there is a missing decimal point in that number that’s fallen off the sign. Anyways, no need to go back there as there aren’t any businesses to call on.

Lindas birthday Had a great dinner at Red Lobster tonight, in Lincoln. We both had the “endless shrimp” special, which was very good. Can’t remember the last time we’ve been to Red Lobster….it’s been that long. A lava cookie and Bailey’s coffee topped it all off. Yummy !

Monday we move over to the KOA park and finish up work on both of these parks. We leave Nebraska around the 20th for our next job in Ohio.

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