Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wolf Creek Pass

Yesterday Bobbie took us to Pagosa Springs so we could see the town and mail off our last job. From here we had to go over Wolf Creek Pass, which is something to see. A nine mile climb with a 7% grade on one side and 6% grade on the other side. Bobbie drove the jeep which is pretty nimble but it still requires downshifting for the climb up and for the descent. We stopped at Treasure Falls on the way back home.
P7010099 P7010100
We wanted to experience Wolf Creek Pass, with it’s 10,000+ elevation, because we might have to go over it on the way back from some assignments in western Colorado. Since we haven’t done any mountain driving, this was our real life lesson. Pagosa Springs is much bigger than I thought is would be. We’ll be coming there in about a month to do a park in town, as well as two in Bayfield and two in Durango.
P7010102 P7010105
P7010113 P7010123
P7010125 P7010124
There is still snow in the high elevations. We stopped at the Continental Divide…Linda stood on one side and I on the other. As the sign says behind us, “Every drop has a destiny”…depending what side of the Divide it falls on. That was fun ! Our trek over the mountain to see what was on the other side was a fun adventure. I think Linda is going out on Sunday for more “mountain driving” training. The remaining days of our vacation are flying by. Leaving on Tuesday for Wyoming…..wringing the last bit of fun out of this weekend. Hope everyone has a great 4th !


Jim and Bobbie said...

So, so, happy you are here with us to enjoy our part of the world. We are so enjoying you being with us!!!!!!

Jim and Bobbie said...

so, so happy you are here with us and glad you are here to experience our part of the world/