Saturday, July 30, 2011

Enjoying Wyoming

We’re still in Jackson…were supposed to move this past Thursday but the manager here is a great guy and found a way to let us stay (on our same site no less). We were supposed to move to Moran, which would mean we’d spend every day driving an hour to and from Jackson to call on advertisers, since there isn’t any town in Moran. We drove back to Thayne and Afton on Tuesday to follow-up on some folks who hadn’t made up their minds yet and had a very productive day. Very busy in Jackson….peak of the season plus the Teton County Fair is in town. The fairgrounds are only about two blocks away so very handy to get to (the rodeo is there every Wednesday and Saturday night). Linda and I went to the fair last night and walked around. We had just eaten supper so our willpower was strong to stay tough and not eat any funnel cakes. Linda and I have now started the next phase of our diet. I had another 2# to go but have been stuck at this point for a couple weeks so we figured that 2# isn’t that far off the mark. We’ve both lost 25# and feel great ! We started the Dukan Diet on May 9th…50# lost between the two of us in 11 weeks. We’re happy (and skinnier) !

We were just talking about how nice it is to be here during the heat of the summer. Days are in the high 70’s to low 80’s and nights are in the 40’s or 50’s. It doesn’t get much better than that. We’re getting a few sprinkles this afternoon; nothing really to speak of. No humidity to speak of. We’re happy that this is where we are when we hear about so many “hot” spots throughout the country. We will probably stay the entire time at this park and not move to the other park. We’re driving up next Friday to meet with the owner to get any changes they need to their map.

Business was busy this week but we also were very busy, working out details on buying another bike. We had really wanted to get a Can-Am Spyder but couldn’t find any used ones for less than $24,000+ and that doesn’t make sense when we want to also get a new rig this fall. So, we found a used Yamaha Royal Star Venture 1300 trike on e-bay and bought it. A woman, from Texas, had it previously and traded it on another bike. We’re excited. We loved our Yamaha V-Star 650 and this one should be really zippy seeing that it’s a 1300…twice the power but all the comfy things for nice long rides.

Yamaha trike














trike 2 trike 4
trike 6 trike 7
trike 8 trike 9
trike 10 trike 12
trike 13 trike 14
trike 15 trike 16
trike 21 trike 20

We debated whether to just pick it up in Tulsa, Ok on our way back to the east coast but it would really be out of the way for us, since we’re headed to Nebraska after Colorado. The dealer gave us an allowance towards shipping and we were able to find a shipper (for the allotted amount) that will go get it in Tulsa and bring it to us at our next job in Durango, Colorado. We can’t load it on our lift (although the trike kit can be pulled off of it with just a few minutes work) so one of us will ride it to our next assignment till we get our toy hauler this fall. Then it will have a garage of its own. The shipper is picking it up on Wednesday or Thursday and we’ll have it on the 14th. Can’t wait to ride again !

Tomorrow we’re headed on an evening horseback ride for two hours. Might not be able to walk on Monday but will be a fun time. Get to see some of the countryside and mountain tops from atop a horse. We’ll take pics and have more about that tomorrow…stay tuned.


Movable Book Lady said...

Glorious weather there; wish we had it, too.

A toy hauler! Cool!

Jim and Bobbie said...

OK, now I understand your facebook comments.Glad for you about the trike. So when will you be back in Colorado? Can't wait to see you both again.

Donna aka Froggi said...

I am so behind in reading blogs...I missed that you were getting a toy hauler. LOVE the new need to join this forum:

Donna aka Froggi said...

Third try on a comment...WHOO-HOO on the bike and congrats on the toy hauler! Missed that completely...LOL! PS. Find me on Facebook from my blog page!!!