Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Drive….

Took a great drive today…left around 11 this morning and got home around 4.Our Route178 We drove to Jackson, an hour away and then went over the Teton Pass….When we met fellow Escapees Molly and Bob the other day, here in the park (thanks to an introduction from Bobbie), they told us about taking their motorhome over the Pass. Although we didn’t take our rig, it’s still a 10% grade (Jim, you’d be really proud of Linda !).

Gorgeous views from on top of the Tetons… Once we came over the Pass, we were in Idaho and continued on to Victor, took a turn onto Route 31 and continued towards Alpine. There is a great recreational area, called Palisades Reservoir that you drive along for many miles and extends all the way down to Alpine. What a great resource for boaters, jet skiers, etc.
P7100020 This is at the base of the reservoir….
P7100021 A gorgeous day on the water…
P7100022 We found a place where we could stop
and let Boomer go swimming. For some
reason, unknown to us, there were a
number of butterflies that were attracted
to this area of the shoreline. Couldn’t see
anything special about it. There was a lot
of wood pieces washed up on shore and
this mushy black stuff on the gravel.
P7100028 Beautiful pattern on the butterflies…
P7100029 Drove along this view for many miles….
Clouds so fluffy and white and snow capped
mountains in the distance.
As I mentioned in a previous post, there has been flooding in the area. With the extensive snow pack and melting, the Snake River is huge and over its’ banks in many areas…..perfect conditions for the rafting companies. Saw several groups taking on the river today. Not a time for novice kayakers or boaters to be on the water….
P7100005 P7100001
P7100002 P7100003
It was great to drive around in Jackson and check it out. It’s a good sized town…population is over 8000. The campground, where we’ll be staying, is right in the middle of town so it will be very handy for selling and going out to eat or checking out all of the cute shops. Have about another week here in Thayne to get our work done. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Back to work tomorrow….


Jim and Bobbie said...

Jim says he is certainly proud of you, Linda, and a 10% grade at that...good job! Aren't Molly and Bob great folks? We love them to death.

Vicki Moore said...

A couple of years ago Bob and I drove the motorhome from Jackson to Victor, Idaho...I thought I would die...will never ever do that again.

Movable Book Lady said...

I got the bends when I went over Teton Pass and right back again. Jackson was only 3000 when I lived there (except in the summer).