Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Windmill Generator (Not an Alien Pod)

For those of you who follow Linda on Facebook, we posted this picture last week as we were traveling up from Colorado. For three consecutive days, we saw this on the road. On the second day that we saw it, it was parked at a rest stop. We got to chat with the guy driving the escort vehicle and contrary to us thinking this might be an alien pod, it turned out to be a generator that goes on a windmill. It weighs 240,000 pounds…holy cow ! It was picked up in Brighton, Colorado and is going to Pocatello, Idaho. The tractor pulling it started to leak oil so he unhooked and left it parked at the rest stop until another tractor could come the next day.
At first we couldn’t figure out where this generator would go….on the ground ? But then we came to a whole ridge of windmills in Wyoming. Upon closer inspection it looks like this is located on the backside of the blades. Look at his picture….it’s the button-like thing on top behind the blades. Mystery solved…..no aliens….just mother nature at work with pure energy..


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