Sunday, April 10, 2011


A low key weekend. On Saturday, we went to the Sam Noble Museum of Natural Sciences in Norman. It's on the campus of Oklahoma University, which is really beautiful. Lots of green space and at the end of each sidewalk where it connects with the main road, there are brick archways erected by past graduating classes from OU. The earliest that I saw was from 1915 but they were really neat as we passed them driving up through campus. Here is a video on the museum that explains it better than I ever could.

They had lots of neat exhibits and some of the dinosaurs were huge. After touring the museum, we went to a local restaurant that Terry, the park ranger had recommended. It's called Cheddar's and I didn't realize that it's a chain until I just looked it up on the internet. We both had grilled portabello sandwiches with fresh steamed broccoli and carrots. They were great ! Our waiter's name was Cole and while we were waiting for our meal, he brought out a tray full of food for the table behind us. He sat it on the tray jack and then took two of the plates and served them. Trouble was he took them from the same side of the tray and apparently he didn't have it sitting correctly on the tray stand. It flipped up and went crashing to the floor. Poor Cole ! He was so embarrassed when the room got so quiet and everyone looked his way. His shoe was covered in something that looked like mashed potatoes. Thank Goodness the manager came to his rescue and orchestrated the clean-up and reordering of food for the table. When Cole recovered and had gotten cleaned up, he came to our table with our order and I asked him if he was OK and if he got his shoe cleaned off. He said, "Yes"....he was a nice college kid and our meal was super. That was about the extent of our Saturday...came home and watched the race in Texas. We passed by the Texas Speedway on our way to Oklahoma so it was neat to see the race there this week.

Today I washed the roof on the rig and rinsed some of the dust and pollen off the sides. They've been saying on the local news, each night, that the oak pollen is really high but it doesn't seem to bother either own of us. I could tell that there was a coating of it on the roof from the yellow colored water than ran off when I rinsed it. The campground wasn't packed with people this weekend like it had been last weekend...odd. We had two other rigs in our section and the next section over was pretty full. This is our last week here....we start wrapping up calling on the businesses over the next couple of days and we'll pull out of here on Friday and move over to the other park in Oklahoma City. We stopped by there this week and got to meet the manager and his staff. It's a nice park so we're looking forward to being there for the next two weeks.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

We noticed when we were in Texas a couple of weeks ago, our deep blue truck had a distinct yellow hue, as it was also covered in yellow pollen. Nasty stuff.