Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's A Girl !

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. We arrived here on Friday, got set up and then Linda went to meet with the park manager while I worked on some ads from our last park. This is a new park too and there is a lot of prep work and research that goes into lining up businesses to call on. We've been working till 10 most every night. We're glad when Friday evening and the weekend rolls around so we can relax (although we still do some work then too).

Today we went to the Fireman's Museum and saw this cute display outside..

Working hard or hardly working ?

We went up to Pop's too and it's a pretty neat place...On the legendary Route 66, it's a popular destination.

They advertise having hundreds of types of soda. I didn't look around too much as there was a huge group of high school students in there and the place was mobbed. Neat place though...

Over the weekend we went to the Oklahoma City zoo. Some really big news at the zoo so we wanted to go...Here's the info from their web site..."The Zoo is proud to announce the first elephant birth in the Zoo's history! Asha, a 16 year-old female, delivered a healthy 304-pound female calf on Friday, April 15 at 9:13 p.m.". Go to the zoo's facebook page to watch the birth. We got to the zoo right after it opened, on Sunday morning, but the baby was bonding with her mom and her aunt so none of the elephants were on display. That's ok...we're just pleased for the new mom. The zoo sure has been busy since's only about a mile from the RV park and every time we drive by, the place is packed with cars. Babies are good for business !
We were in the bird section when the caretaker came by to feed them.

She pushed this cage up to the door of each display, put a frame covered in netting up over the door that connected the portable cage to the bird's cage so that if one of the birds flew out it would only fly into her cage and couldn't escape. It was really cool. It looked really heavy to push around though.

Back in January there was a baby giraffe born at the zoo. Here's that baby...Fun day at the zoo...

We also went over to the casino for a short while. I find those slot machines to be so intimidating....some have so many symbols and lines and ways to win. Mind boggling ! I was hoping the Survivor machine would be lucky for me but nope...Linda and I played away the $10 in free money we got from a coupon she found..added 2 whole dollars of our own to the pot and then were ready to leave. I'll leave the slot playing to my mom....too confusing for me ! Not sure what's on tap for this weekend since it will be our last weekend here before leaving for Colorado. Hey, just got word today that we're headed to Montana and Wyoming for some work. Yahoo ! Never been there...anxious to see new sights ! We'll share more info as we know it.

Be Sure to click on the "facebook" link for the zoo and watch the video...she gets her first bath on the video too...Cute !!

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