Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quiet Weekday....

As soon as Sunday afternoon rolled around, the campsites around us cleared out and it's back to just two rigs in our section. Ahhhhh....Look at these sites. They back right up, overlooking the lake. So pretty...Before the weekend craziness starts up, with all of the crowds, we went for a walk on the beach tonight and soaked in all of the peacefulness.  There has been some significant erosion along the shoreline, which has made for some interesting things. Took some pictures of some of them.
We drove up to Oklahoma City today to call on some businesses up there. Was a hectic day....lots of driving. It works out really nice having Linda drive so I can focus on the sales calls, she plans the most efficient route and then drives. Boomer, well he just goes along for the ride.  :) He's in his glory too...being out everyday with us. He didn't go with us on Monday, when we took Bertha to the garage. Got up at 5:30 so we could be on the road at 6...arrive when garage opened at 7. Would have made it too if they hadn't moved the garage (I hate it when that happens). Got there about 7:15 and sat till 2:15, while they checked Bertha out. Too bad we didn't take our laundry with us, as they had a really nice lounge, complete with a free commercial washer and dryer. We could have taken care of it in the 7 hours that we were there. After checking it over, test driving it and checking it again....nothing. The fear of finding nothing was on par with finding something that would cost mega bucks. It appears that the floaty - fish tailing sort of feeling was all in our heads. Hmmm....I was sort of feeling it on the other end. We are relieved that there isn't anything wrong so will now try to ignore any wayward motion we feel from this point forward. Yeah...ok.

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