Friday, April 1, 2011

10 and 2

We left Texas around noon on Thursday and started to Oklahoma. We had great weather for driving and drove till about 6:30 when we stopped at a park near Ft. Worth. Only thing that wasn't nice about the trip was the fact that Linda had to drive like my grandmother used to (or how we were all taught in driver ed class - at 10 and 2) the whole 550 miles.
  For about the last two weeks we've noticed that the rear end of the truck has been really squirrley and  feels like we're driving on ice. We chalked it up to grooved "hill country" roads and one guy told us that the roads are paved weird to allow for drainage when it rains. OK...sounded reasonable but was really freaking me out when I'd be sitting on the passenger side of the truck and when we go around a corner, the rear end fish tails. Not so nice....We hook up the rig and hit the road. Still doing it...can't be the roads. So first rest stop we made, I called ahead to Oklahoma City to medium duty garage and made an appointment for Bertha to get checked out Monday morning. In the meantime, while Linda is driving at 55 m.p.h., with two hands gripping the steering wheel at 10 and 2, my stomach is in a giant knot for the 550 miles it took us to get here. Don't know what it is about this motion that wigs me out's the same feeling I get when I ride a ferris wheel and my car would always be the one to stop on top and swing back and forth...Nope...hate it. Is probably why I put a pleat in my dads pants, from gripping it so hard, when I rode one time with him. Or if I ride in a really small plane (sorry Roy), and any jerky movements. Ohhhh, makes me queasy just to think about it. Well, I had 10 hours of that the last two days. Long trip to say the least but we made it safe and (sound ?)...well let's say I still have my sanity.

We are in Norman, OK at Lake Thunderbird State Park....really nice. This is the view through our back window. We overlook the lake..very serene ! We drove around the lake tonight (more 10 and 2 style driving but this time it was my turn) to get our bearings. Will check out more of the area this weekend before starting in on Monday (once we get done at the GMC garage). The park ranger we are working with is super nice. He's camping, this weekend, just a few sites over from us. Glad we got here early today as all of the sites have filled up since we arrived. Will take more pictures and post later this weekend....lots to see and do in the area.

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