Friday, April 15, 2011

Goodbye to the Critters

Left the state park this morning and are now set up at Twin Fountains RV park, in Oklahoma City. View isn't as nice....our back window looks out on the freeway. (Sure as heck hope that no ones careens off the highway cause they'll wind up right in our living room)

We really enjoyed our time at the last park. Every morning we'd see all kinds of critters as we'd leave to drive into town. If we left around 8 or so we'd usually get to see one big gobbler strutting his stuff for a couple hens in the open field near the office. Terry, the park ranger showed us pictures of deer and turkey that would come up on the patio outside his office window. He had a picture of three buck that were fighting out under the tree outside his window and also a big gobbler and hens. The other night when we came back to the park we saw a roadrunner run across the road from the office and it had something in his mouth. Come to find out, Terry says Cheeto is a female roadrunner who comes up to the office with her prize kill of the day...drops it at the office door...taps on the glass and then runs off. She then comes back later on to reclaim her prize and take it for dinner but she wants to make sure that everyone in the office sees it first. How cute ! Must have been Cheeto that we saw coming back to scoop up the dead snake that we saw the other day.

The baby squirrel fully emerged from the tree the last day before we left. He or she was chewing on the tree blossoms and bark, scampering right around the opening and venturing out on the nearby limbs. We've been having really strong winds the last couple of days. Today they are 24 - 45 m.p.h. Yesterday, Linda swore that the baby was clinging on for dear life....afraid of falling off the tree limb.

Temps are cool today...only in the 50's. Have the electric radiator running to keep it toasty in the rig. Tomorrow back up to 75 degrees and sunny. For those of you who heard about the tornado that touched, it wasn't near us. During the last few days, when the tornado watches were in effect, we were south of where the danger area was. We are a little closer to those areas now but hopefully the weather will straighten out. Usually tornado weather isn't at its height until May so things are firing up a little soon. The TV stations go crazy here when these tornado warnings kick in. You don't get any regular programs on at all....constant weather updates even if it's not in this immediate area. The announcers get really excited about it too. They have helicopters in the area, reporters chasing the storm systems, etc. It's pretty crazy. Like sitting in my mom's living room, watching the weather channel times 10.....I finally turned the TV off and we played cards. Couldn't even make that work....Linda whipped my butt !

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Jim and Bobbie said...

We have stayed at Twin Fountains twice in our travels. It's very pretty. Enjoy your stay in the area. Be sure to take the river boat ride in Bricktown.