Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today we went to Tulsa to see the sites. First we went to the Blue Bell ice cream facility in Broken Arrow, OK. This is one of 3 production facilities in the country for Blue Bell. The others are in Texas and Alabama. It was a nice tour...we were working on several different flavors when we were there. At this facility they produce 68,000 quarts and 112,000 pints daily so it is a busy place. When we finished the tour, we were taken to the ice cream parlor and gift shop area we got to sample some ice cream. I tried the Snickerdoodle flavor and Linda White Chocolate Almond. Both were excellent !! If you find yourself in Broken Arrow, take the tour...well worth the $2 p.p. it cost.

Next we went to the Tulsa Air and Space museum and planetarium. They had some interesting displays of actual cockpits that you could climb into and check out. Here astronaut Linda dons her space suit and gets into the space shuttle to try her hand at docking the space shuttle to the space station.

There were some neat displays for hands on activities for kids to learn about different elements of flying and air flow. I could see where this would be popular with school groups. Tulsa has been very important to aviation over the years. They were given the task of building certain components for the space shuttle and was also the site where bombers were assembled during WWII. Women, as depicted by Rosie the riveter, were instrumental in helping to assemble the planes when there was a lack of manpower. It was a fun day....again the weather was great (77 degrees)and it was fun to see another area of Oklahoma.
Tomorrow we are supposed to move our rig over to the new park that they have been working on. We want to get that done in the morning and get set up as we go into work tomorrow night and there is rain scheduled to come into the area by tomorrow afternoon. I'll post some new pictures once we get moved to the new area.

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