Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Location

We have moved into the new park that the city set up next to where we had been. We were told last week to be ready first thing Monday morning to move. Construction of the new park was still going on so the Monday turned into Tuesday and then into Wednesday. Not surprising since the park was supposed to have been completed September 1 so what's a few more days.

It wouldn't have been so bad except we had to go back to work on Wednesday, after having our days off Sunday - Tuesday. By the time they finally got everything ready it was about 2:45 when we could move over. We were coming over just as the roller and grader was finishing the road in the new area. Keep in mind this is all happening while we are watching and hearing of a severe storm moving into the area. The rain drops start and the wind is just howling....blowing 20+ m.p.h. We move over to a site we had picked out.....great views of neighboring fields and situated so we'll get the sun in on the couch side of the rig all day long. Nice !!

We get set up, get our showers, get lunch and pack our lunch for work and leave for work at 4:30. There is talk of a tornado warning being posted for the Coffeyville area and while working I can hear wicked thunder outside....even over the noise of the conveyors and fans blowing. We go on supper break at 10:00 p.m. and about 10:15 the power goes out and stays out till 11:30. We go back to work but not for part of the plant is down and we end up getting sent home at 1:30.

We come home to a mud pit...the rig is surrounded by mud.Once the sun came up we could see that the neighboring fields now looked like a lake. The lady next to us, in a small class C had sunk in up to her step. I went out to do some work around the rig and couldn't even get to the truck it was surrounded by mud. I climbed in through the passenger side and went to back it out to drier ground and it was mired in. Later on I saw the city manager driving through the campground and told him that he had his first tow job with pulling our truck out.

It's four days later....the wind has been blowing (it never seems to stop here) and the mud is dried up. We had the option to move back but it is so pretty here that we're going to stay. Linda feels like a kitty cat when she sits on the couch, in the sun's rays, and curls up for a nap. So pretty. Just hoping that when it rains we don't have more problems. We will know soon enough. They are calling for rain tomorrow.

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