Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day of Rest

Boy are we exhausted ! Worked 50 hours this week and Linda and I figured that each of us walked at least 50 miles. Last night was really bad. I would start on row 77 and the next pick would be in row 120 something...then back to the 70's. That 40-50 row see-sawing kept up for a while until my scanner told me to go down a level to pick coats.Whew !! Two days off now then back to work for overtime Tuesday night.
Weather was great today...had the windows and door open. No wind either. We treated ourselves to a paraffin dip for our hands and feet. My hands are so sore...cracked and tender from the book jackets slicing into my finger tips and plus lifting some of these huge books is really hard on your arm and hand muscles.
It is amazing to see the impact of media and marketing on the books we see going out the door. Obama books are big now....if we see someone on Ellen or Oprah, we know we'll be picking that book over the next couple of days. "Extreme Measures" is a heavy hitter and the Jeff Dunham comedy DVD (the ventriloquist guy) is huge. I've seen the guy on TV and don't really see the appeal but someone is spending money on it....I picked 40 at a clip the other night of his Christmas DVD. There are a lot of neat items out right now for Christmas. "The Family Guy" - total world domination pack is a whole bunch of DVD's inside this giant plastic head of one of the characters. Cute if you like that show. There are complete sets that have come out for a lot of the old TV shows. Hawaii 5-O...Wild, Wild West...I Spy...Mission Impossible TV series....Mod Squad...Adam 12....CHIPS....These are just a few of the ones I've pulled lately. Brings back memories....There is one area that has all of these types of items and that is my favorite area to work. Never know what new items will have come in. Will be interesting to see if the Christmas business is down due to the economy. Can't see how it couldn't impact on things. Good thing is that the price of fuel has drastically dropped. Last we were out and about, gas was $1.87 and diesel was $2.69. That was two weeks ago so it may have dropped more since then.
Just five more weeks to go here in Kansas !

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