Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Overtime Begins...

Usually Tuesday is one of our days off but there is overtime available, in the stowing dept., so we'll work it. Stowing is putting the items in the bins and then tomorrow we'll be back to picking....pulling the items out of the bins. There is supposed to be a big ramp up going on with incoming orders, hence the need for overtime. Not knowing what the Christmas season will bring, we thought we might as well take it while it's available since we don't know how much there will be. There are supposed to be 800 more workers starting at the end of the month so there might not be any need for overtime once they start.
No sightseeing the last two days off...we've been pretty exhausted this week so we just did grocery shopping yesterday, laundry on Sunday and relaxing in between. It rained yesterday so we are surrounded by mud again. It sticks to our shoes and gets tracked into the house, along with the gritty stones from the gravel outside. It's a constant task to keep things vacuumed and stones off the floor so it doesn't damage the laminate flooring. This week we are the drivers for the carpool so I cleaned out the truck and got that ready for the six of us to ride in.
Temp is 54 here today....dreary and overcast. Sun is supposed to reappear tomorrow and temps in the upper 50's. Still not bad for mid-November.Overnight temps have been above freezing so we haven't had to fuss with the water lines just yet. That is good news...just need it to hold out like this for another 5 weeks till we leave. There are only six of us in the new park. We see folks drive through and check things out but no one else has moved over. When the new crew comes at the end of the month, I'm sure we'll have some new neighbors then. Not many other places for them to go since all the other areas are pretty full.
Sunday night a bunch of the workampers went to the local Mexican restaurant for dinner. We were in the banquet room in the back. Had a good time meeting some folks we hadn't met before. Two folks from Amazon came and had dinner with us which was nice.

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