Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I think Schroeder, our border collie, is the reincarnated creator of Stonehenge. When I take him out in the morning to go potty, he walks while going…creating this semi circular pattern. I’ve never known a dog to do this. Boomer on the other hand looks like he’s a needle on a compass….. zigzagging wildly….looking for that magical spot or some magnetic force field from the center of the earth that should decide where he needs to do his business. I know….I know…you’re thinking it must be a slow news day if Linda is resorting to talking about her dog’s bowel movements. But anyone who knows me knows the quirky way my mind works and how I “wonder” about lots of things. This is just one of the things that has tickled my curiosity lately. In Schroeder’s situation, it’s a good thing that this isn’t the behavior that us humans would exhibit for such an act. If it did, we’d have to redesign our bathroom and the toilet would wind up in the middle of the floor so there’d be plenty of room to rotate all the way around it. Wouldn’t be a practical matter.
We love our furry friends. RV’ers are no different than folks with sticks and bricks houses. We take our pets on the road with us and they look forward to traveling just as much as we do (maybe more). They can sense when we are packing up to hit the road for our next destination and they are waiting at the door…ready to go. The other weekend, here in the campground, I kept hearing a bird but not the typical sound of the songbirds we have around here. As I was walking up to the pool, I spotted several bird cages sitting outside a small camper. Apparently the owners had several birds that they travel (or vacation) with and they came along for the ride. I couldn’t have tolerated their screeching, especially since I could hear them up where our rig was located…..about 50 yards away. Would have driven me nuts but to each their own.
I took the boys out on hiking trail today for a walk. Knowing it would be under the shady canopy of the woods, I thought it would be cooler than taking them to the dog run plus I thought they’d handle better being out of sight of other dogs. Yesterday and today the temps are in the low 90’s and it’s very humid. I hope this isn’t an indication of what the typical summer weather will be. I know, from checking the temp at the pool this morning, that the hot day yesterday raised the pool temperature another 2 degrees….to a balmy 76 degrees. With today’s hot weather, it will probably be up another couple degrees tomorrow morning when I check it.

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